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          medical diagnostic supplier company

          Last Updated: Sunday March 30th,2014
          Offer Expired: 1week

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          MEDINCN CORP. LTD. China

          • NO 126, ZHANYUAN ROAD , NANJING, JINAGSU, China
          • Contact Person: MEDINCN CUSTOMER SERVICE
          • Telephone: 86-25-52217900
          • Fax:
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          Detailed Buying Lead Description

          Name:    yohannes kebede
          Email:    yohakidXXXX@yahoo.com
          Comments:    i have a huge medical & diagnostic supplier company in Ethiopia.
          can you send me the product list what you have?
          Best regards
          Yohannes Kebede
          Laboratory Technologist & Technical Manager of Valdes plc
          Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
          Kirkos Kifle Ketema, Kebele 02/03
          House No 466


          The above inquiry was from the oversea member and posted by MEDinCN.com. If you need this buyer contacts, kindly please contact
          sales@medincn.com  QQ:1443826556.
          MEDINCN customer service