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          Endoscope and gastroscope instruments wanted

          Last Updated: Tuesday April 8th,2014
          Offer Expired: 2weeks

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          MEDINCN CORP. LTD. China

          • NO 126, ZHANYUAN ROAD , NANJING, JINAGSU, China
          • Contact Person: MEDINCN CUSTOMER SERVICE
          • Telephone: 86-25-52217900
          • Fax:
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          Detailed Buying Lead Description

          Dear Shelley,

          We are a South African medical supplies company based in Johannesburg. Please can you send us your latest brochure as we are quite keen to purchase your endoscope and gastroscope instruments.

          Would also appreciate a Price List as well as CIF cost of one 9mm video gastroscope.

          Tks & Rgds,

          Bernadine Naidoo


          The above inquiry was from the oversea member and posted by MEDinCN.com. If you need this buyer contacts, kindly please contact
          sales@medincn.com  QQ:1443826556.
          MEDINCN customer service