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          demand for 500,000 infusion set

          Last Updated: Thursday April 10th,2014
          Offer Expired: 1week

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          Detailed Buying Lead Description

          Dear Sir;
          Good morning for all ...
          EGY-CXXX Imp. ,Exp. & Agencies company since 1993, we are agent for several international Cos. around the world.
          We have several activities, the main on is the medical devices application in the Egyptian market.
          So, we are looking forward to start for cooperation.
          In fact now we have a demand for 500,000 infusion set ( see attached specification)

          We need your rock bottom C&F Alex. port offer for the attached components as:-
          1.   Non-packaged complete a.m. set in bulk.
          2.   Just component as requested bulk. (without hoses)
          * The infusion set we need is as attached or the nearest similar one on your production range.

          Waiting for your reply soon...
          Thanks for your cooperation & consideration.

          Best Regards;

          A. Saadawy


          The above inquiry was from the oversea member and posted by MEDinCN.com. If you need this buyer contacts, kindly please contact
          sales@medincn.com  QQ:1443826556.
          MEDINCN customer service